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10 trips by the end of 2017
50 vehicles in total, 41 fire engines, 9 ambulances
Approx. 4500 people are still alive today as a result of what we do

Since 2007 the Scottish Emergency Rescue Association (SERA) has been the project delivery team for Blythswood Care and their 999 Project, delivering over 41 fully equipped Fire Engines and 9 Ambulances to countries such as Moldova, Serbia, Romania & Burundi. It is estimated that each fire appliance saves at least twenty lives every year and each ambulance one hundred lives per year, as response time to emergencies has been greatly reduced by placing additional vehicles in the countries SERA assist.

While residents of the UK are extremely fortunate to be able to rely on an efficient, well-equipped and trained fire service countries in certain parts of Eastern Europe are not so lucky.
In addition to the donation of equipment, SERA has trained hundreds of local firefighters in each of the host countries in order that they can safely use and maintain the equipment and vehicles provided.
SERA have developed an educational programme alongside the appliance, equipment and delivery programme where we work in schools and colleges in each country taking the message of home fire safety and road safety to the young people of each country in an attempt to prevent tragic events before they happen.
SERA consists of a team of volunteers with various skill sets from Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, Mechanics, LGV Driving Instructors and Educational Specialists.
Members of the public and businesses in the UK are the life blood of SERA which without their support, we simply could not save the hundreds of lives as a result of each project delivery.

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18 September 2017
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
BBC Alba

18 MAR 2016
9.00 pm - 10:00 pm
A new lease of life

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Richard Newton

Richard is an IT Project Manager for a large…

Charlie Nicolson

Charlie is an independent councilor living in Stornoway. He…

Graham Barclay

Graham is a serving firefighter with the Scottish Fire…

Robert Forsyth

Robert served in the fire service for 40 years…

Gary Bennett

Gary is a former Station Officer in the fire…


Our 1st trip was in 2007 to Serbia, a place called Banja Basta with 4 fire engines! Since then we have made many more trips, returning to Serbia and visiting new countries – Moldova & Romania.

We have built up a great network of people in each of the countries we visit, making planning future trips easier. With each trip brings new experiences – learning which equipment countries are most short of, where best to focus our efforts to educate young people, the shape of our team to best serve the people we are there to help.

At the end of each trip we appreciate that there is still a long way to go but heading home and being able to reflect on the lives we have potentially save, makes all the efforts worthwhile.

Location of our Fire Engines in Moldova

SERA in partnership with Blythswood Care have delivered 20 fire engines to Moldova with another 5 planned for 2018. Here is a map of their current location.Location of Donated Vehicles


In Boston doing a course for testing breathing apparatus cylinders

2 of our volunteers are in Boston on a breathing apparatus cylinder testing course.this is to ensure firefighter safety is paramount. Its cheaper to send two volunteers to the US and give us input on the equipment and have it shipped back to Edinburgh than the cost of buying the same equipment in the UK….


2016 – Moldova

In September 2016 we headed back to Moldova, a small country with a population of just over 3.5 million, which is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Moldova emerged as an independent republic. One of the poorest Countries in Europe, the economy relies heavily on agriculture and…


2017 – Serbia

This year’s mission was to supply five fully equipped fire engines and an ambulance to Serbia. Alongside the vital operational training for the Serbian Firefighters my main roll within the S.ER.A organisation is to roll out, where possible, a fire safety/prevention programme in the local schools and colleges. After an eventful journey starting in Edinburgh on…


2009 – Moldova

The Scottish Emergency Rescue Association (SERA) left Rosyth bound for Zebrugee on Thursday 20th August 2009 with four fire engines and two ambulances. Fifteen of a crew made the journey, three per vehicle, consisting of firefighters, medics, mechanics, technicians and a driving instructor. Leaving Zebrugee on the Friday morning about 1000hrs we faced a number of…


2011 mission to Chisnau, Moldova

This was our second trip to Moldova, but the first time to its capital, Chisnau. The preparations for this trip were as intense as always, with much to source and some equipment/machinery requiring repair or maintenance prior to our departure, all in addition to the work we anticipated during the days we would spend there….


2007 & 2008 – Serbia

SERA’s 1st partnership trip was in 2007 to Serbia where we delivered 3 fully equipped fire engines and trained 50 firefighters from the towns who would receive the appliances. This was intended as a once in a lifetime trip on behalf of Blythswood however events on our arrival changed our view. The day we arrived…



SERA are looking to work with a local school who would be interested in partnering up with a school in Serbia or Moldova.

Our programme will include working with the children from both communities to highlight the difficulties faced in Eastern Europe.

If you are interested in hearing more about this initiative please get in touch with us.